external_media_tests package

This document highlights the utility classes for tests. In general, the indvidiual tests are not documented here.


external_media_tests.utils.verbose_until(wait, target, condition, message='')[source]

Performs a wait.until(condition)` and adds information about the state of target to any resulting TimeoutException.

  • wait – a marionette.Wait instance
  • target – the object you want verbose output about if a TimeoutException is raised This is usually the input value provided to the condition used by wait. Ideally, target should implement __str__
  • condition – callable function used by wait.until()
  • message – optional message to log when exception occurs

the result of wait.until(condition)



Saves memory report (like about:memory) to current working directory.

Parameters:marionette – Marionette instance to use for executing.